WINNER of the Green Bus Shelter Contest

The SSJ Neighborhood Network and the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority are pleased to announce the WINNER of the Little Italy Green Bus Shelter Design Contest! 

The two finalist's designs were voted on by the public, online, on-site and through Little Italy neighborhood events. The public spoke and the INTERMODE-ALL shelter, submitted by AJT Architect, was the winning design.

CONGRATULATIONS to AJT Architect, and our gratitude goes to the other finalists, 1909 Old Shop Collaboration, and to all creative conservationists who submitted designs for the contest.

The construction phase begins now!


Submitted by AJT Architect

As Erie strives to keep up with modern times and the newest technology, it is important to preserve our history and remember how we became the community that we are today.  Erie grew around a thriving manufacturing base, with railways and freight carriers to move materials throughout the city.

The INTERMODE-ALL pays tribute to Erie’s past rail network that enabled Erie’s industrial growth, while providing green shelter to today’s riders of the EMTA as they move throughout the city -  the very people who are fueling Erie’s new economy.

The Green Roof of The INTERMODE-ALL is constructed of salvaged railroad ties and tracks to remind us of our roots. The design also includes rainwater harvesting, a recycling bin, a bike rack and solar powered lighting.  All materials are genuine for a welcoming atmosphere.

Increasing the quality of our neighborhoods and community starts with the increased quality of the facilities that we use and decreasing the impact that these facilities have on the environment around us. The INTERMODE-ALL brings together Erie’s historical past with modern, more sustainable design ideas that we have the opportunity to utilize today.


• The roof of The INTERMODE-ALL is constructed of salvaged railroad ties and tracks to remind us of our roots and to make use of materials that would otherwise be discarded.

• Green roof vegetation trays nestled within the tracks of the roof system support plant life that provide a nice visual, help to purify the air surrounding the bus shelter and contribute toward the natural filtration of rainwater.

• Two solar powered lights illuminate each entrance. While these lights are powered by the sun, they also help to make the shelter a safer place for those who need to travel at night.

• For people who use multiple forms of transportation, bike storage is provided to the side of the shelter using the same railroad ties and tracks that are utilized on the roof. The bike tie-ups are curved steel rebar.

• On the opposite side, there are separate receptacles for both trash and recycling.

Many thanks to our contest partner, the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority, and to the Erie Reader, our media partner.

This contest is made possible through the following Tax Credit Neighborhood Assistance Program partners: