When We Are Doing It

It's happening right now, and it is an ongoing process. Since the finalization of the Historic Little Italy Revitalization Plan in February of 2008, a three-year list or organizational goals was established and is being followed.

Among the primary basic organizational goals established and met in 2008 were:

To make appropriate presentations and obtain support of the Historic Little Italy Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy from City Council, ERA, and DCED's local office;  To Schedule several presentations to the residents and businesses within the neighborhood;  To make the Plan available to residents and others on-line and/or at neighborhood centers;  Establish a Historic Little Italy Advisory Council to be comprised of faith-based organization, institutions,  for-profit, and non-profit local organizations, residents, and local governments, as well as to: Appoint representatives to the Council,  Establish by-laws, and  Elect officers as needed.  To hire a Neighborhood Manager ;  To establish four committees to direct the activities of the neighborhood and to work with the HLI Advisory Council and the Neighborhood Manager.

The Neighborhood Manager will spearhead all activities for the Advisory Council and will work with volunteers on each of the four committees (unless specified otherwise) to undertake the goals set for each committee.

There is a three-year schedule of goals to be accomplished for each committee that makes up the Historic Little Italy Neighborhood Revitalization plan. Some of the goals may take less time or more time to accomplish, so there is bound to be some overlapping and flexibility in the schedule, but the following pages present a brief outline of what each committee and the project as a whole plans to accomplish.