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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We are involving community members in all our planning sessions. 20 years ago we started with a community survey, going door to door to determine what needs neighbors would identify.  Even today we go back to facilitate surveys to hear our neighbors’ opinion on different issues.

On a more regular basis we involve neighbors in our Advisory Committees,  join them in neighborhood groups, monthly events at the Little Italy Farmers Market, garden picnics and games, plan with neighbors block parties like National Night Out and support neighbors in activities to clean up the neighborhood.    

Be active in your neighborhood 

Sign up for a newsletter from the Neighborhood Resource Organization or call them 814-572-0755 to find out what neighborhood association is active in your neighborhood and where and when they meet.

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the Advisory Committees call us at 814-454-7814 to inquire about membership responsibilities and meeting dates.

Advisory Committees

A group of neighbors in two distinct neighborhoods assist and plan with us programs to address blight and safety issues in an effort to revitalize the neighborhood. These groups meet every other month.

Neighborhood Associations

Neighbors meet regularly to stay connected, exchange observations and address areas of concern.

  1. Little Italy Neighborhood Association
  2. Eastside Neighborhood Association
  3. Central City Alliance


We started with surveys and will conduct occasionally surveys if we need a broader input from our neighbors.  We will also list on the resources page, surveys from partners that might be of interest to you.